Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pros and Cons of Cohabitation

I am a firm believer that cohabitation should only occur after an engagement and likewise, within a reasonable engagement period. Though sleepovers and "weekend cottages" may occur, it's not the same idea.

I read an article on CNN and I thought it was appropriately written. See for yourself here.

There are many instances when cohabitation does work out because the couple is intending to get married anyhow but many couples move-in together to test out the waters to see if they're "compatible" for marriage.

- after a year, you get placed under the corporate benefit plan of your S.O.
- cheaper rent
- less travel expenses
- less expenses in general
- you get to see him/her everyday

- you get sick of each other
- what if this person isn't the person that you want to be with? joint stuff gets messy
- living the married too young isn't always the way to go
- no more personal space

Do you agree/disagree?


  1. hey rachell, it's leslie haha
    me and my friend actually had a talk about that and we figured that if you were cohabitating and a serious problem arises, you would be able to get up and just leave but if you were married and living together then you have to work things out :)

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