Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Things are so much more valuable when they're rare, hardly attainable. The most prized possessions are few and expensive, sometimes even priceless.

The same goes for girls and guys alike, but girls more specifically. Now, I'm all for the "If you've got it, flaunt it" type of attitude but it didn't mean for you to start looking like a whore. If you're there to attract guys, boys, men, whatever ... you've basically got them hooked for a little while. The ones you don't necessarily want, stay around for a bit longer.

The most desirable men, however, will find that your goodies are so tampered with they want nothing to do with it. They want a lady with a little more substance, with a little more mystery. There's nothing appealing when how you look like is screaming "Come to me, I've shown you everything I've got." etc.

If you want your men, or man rather, to be selective in his choosing of his fair lady ... the least you could do is value your body a little more and realize that your entire God-given beauty is to only be admired by those who want more than your TNA.


Girls Gone Wild | Vogue

Monday, September 28, 2009

Best (Fe)Male Friend

In preschool, I remember having male and female friends.

In elementary school, members of the opposite sex suddenly had cooties.

In middle school, hormones kicked in and suddenly girls were trying to get the attention from the guys and vice versa.

In high school, some of us grew up a bit more and maybe, possibly disguised some immense admiration for one another by deeming each other "best friends." I remember having "best" guy friends in high school and some of them remain "best" or good friends to this day.

But what does being a best friend entail? Best friends usually involve being completely honest with each other, with the deepest darkest secrets divulged, sometimes even spending most of the time together... some best friends were referred to being conjoined at the hip, completely inseparable.

I told someone in tenth grade that I had a best friend that was a guy and he told me I couldn't really be best friends with a guy if I didn't like him, whatever that meant. I was completely convinced that I didn't like him, and I still am. He told me that maybe now you can be best friends with a member of the opposite sex but later on, it can definitely not work out if you're married to someone else.

I didn't understand then, I do now.

The person you develop an intimate relationship with, the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with,

should be your best friend.

Photo Credit: Static Romance

"I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend."
Jason Mraz

Friday, September 25, 2009

Your very First ...

Seeing that I have not indulged in the world of blogging, I thought it'd seem fitting that my first post here would touch on the oh-so-lovely idea of "your first _______". This would be my first post of an idea-centred blog, and I sincerely hope that this post would be your first of many reading occasions on my new blog. :)

I remember each and every (well, most) firsts I've had -

First day of preschool
First day of kindergarten
First day I could ride my bike
First days of many...

But the things that are most ingrained in my memory are probably my first kiss, my first crush, my first love (?) if that's even possible.

Like you, I'm still out to discover what this idea of 'love' means, what 'love' entails and requires of us, and how to go about having this 'love'.

First and foremost however, I feel like one of those defining moments, one of those "rites-of-passages" are ones when we have a sudden epiphany that someone special is near us. Oddly enough, we find ourselves thinking of them each and every day and we do everything in our power to get noticed and hope they feel the same way.

The firsts seem to always be so innocent, so fresh. Will we ever get to that point of naiveté once again? Possibly. But what I'm trying to get at is to never forget those first steps you took, the first kiss you had, the first crush you absolutely went ga-ga over.

These milestones establish your person that slowly unfolds and you'd be nothing without your first.

The First Kiss by Kim Anderson

A kiss that is never tasted
Is forever and ever wasted
Billie Holiday