Friday, December 4, 2009


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What does that word mean anyway? It's just a word that describes the unfathomable concept of time that never ends. And yet, we say it for the sake of expressing our affinity for something or someone; we even use it to express how long we want something to last or not last.

I've always sat on the fence for this one. I want to be spontaneous but at the same time, I want to know what's ahead of me and plan accordingly. I want to know that this man is going to be there for me forever and fairytales spoil us in the way that we think that that's the way it's always going to be. I like hearing promises of forever.

At the same time though, we don't know what forever's like and it is virtually impossible to promise "ever after". Despite getting butterflies hearing the word forever, I am more critical of the word now.

Maybe promises should be made for today, or tomorrow, or the next little while. Or maybe promises shouldn't be made at all, but rather we should just live in the moment not worrying about the future. Getting through each day as it comes is sometimes good enough for now.

"They spoil every romance trying to make it last forever."
-- Oscar Wilde

What is your take on this? Agree/disagree?


  1. forever is a very overused word .. unless its said by chris brown ahah

  2. I totally agree- the problem is- when you get caught up in the euphoria of a relationship it is so easy to say that you want to feel this way forever. Who doesn't want to feel infinite euphoria? I suppose the problem is, no single moment lasts forever-- every second is a new moment-- some less euphoric than others...

  3. I agree. Forever can be quite intimidating and too strong. People should just live their life and what happens happens, if it lasts, that is fantastic, but if not then there will be other opportunities. That is just how life is :)

  4. one thing i've learned it not to project your future. Yes its good to have goals and dreams, but placing too much pressure can turn things in a bad direction.

  5. @Lue: Yah I totally agree - it's only okay when Chris Brown says it ;)

    @Philip: I love the way you put it! It's hard to remember that no single moment lasts forever :(

    @Kaleigh: You have a lovely optimistic point of view

    @Alex: YES! I have to remind myself that everyday

  6. "Forever" might be an impossible commitment to make, but why not make it?

    In the end, yes, life might tear two people apart and take them in different directions. But if you feel in your heart this is the person for you, it might make it a little easier to deal with troubles that come your way because you promised to work through it all.

    I have a commitment from someone, and now I know whenever times are tough, he'll still be there.

    Why? Because he promised.

    Promises aren't a bad thing, people.

  7. Forever is that word which make your dating jolly or it also can spoil your dating :)

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